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The Weekly Script Contest is back for 2022!


FINAL WEEK - 2nd place.jpg
FINAL WEEK - 1st place.jpg
FINAL WEEK - 3rd place.jpg

The final part of the final week of the 2022 Under_Score Productions script contest is here! We had many great scripts come in and it was a pleasure to get to read all of them. This week was by far the most difficult to judge and rank due to the quality of the work.


For their amazing script, first place goes to Gabriel Gomez for "JUST SUPER"!! Great pacing and dialogue exploring a world of "lessor" super powered people and the finding of their worth!

Gabe will receive a $75 gift card and a years subscription to CELTX or Final Draft to help him continue to write.


Second place goes to Madeline Dooher for "SHELTER and third place to Haley Jacobsen for "PEACE PLATE". Two amazing scripts wresting for a position in the contest.



A very special thanks to our judges for this final week (Mike Winingham, Laura Labree, and Vanessa M. H. Powers) for helping read and score all the scripts!!


The contest will return in 2023!

WEEK 6 - Winner of Winners

Winner of Winners - 2nd place.jpg
Winner of Winners - 1st place.jpg
Winner of Winners - 3rd place.jpg

Part 2 of 3 for the final week of the 2022 Under_Score Productions Script contest - the "Winner of Winners" awards.  This is the look back at the last 5 week's first place winners and this week's judges picking the top scripts!


1st place for "Winner of Winners" is Cynthia Schreiner Smith with her week 3 horror script "SUMMER SCHOOL"!


2nd place goes to Gabriel Gomez for his week 2 Sci-fi script "SLEEP"!


3rd place goes to Madeline Dooher for her week 4 comedy script "FIRST IMPRESSIONS"!


This week's winner will receive a $25 gift card to a store of their choice!


Thank you to this weeks judges (Laura Labree and Mike Winingham) for reading all the scripts and awarding the winners!!

WEEK 6 - 2nd Chance Winners

2nd chance - 2nd place.jpg
2nd chance - 1st place.jpg
2nd chance - 3rd place.jpg

The first of 3 announcements for the final week of the script contest - the "2nd Chance" winners!! This category took another look at all the non-placing scripts from the last 5 weeks and gave them a second chance at winning.

Congrats to Kurt Minema for taking 1st place with "UPLOAD" a sci-fi love story, about trying to protect those you care about.

Vanessa Magowan Horrocks secured 2nd place with "SEASONS", a a raw look at what might have been.

Gabriel Gomez took home 3rd place for "TO DRIVE" a script about finding yourself and making changes in your life.

A very special thanks to Mike Winingham and Laura LaBree for being the guest judges and reading all the scripts this week!!


Week 5 - 2nd place.jpg
Week 5 - winner.jpg
Week 5 - 3rd place.jpg

Congratulations to the Week 5's winner Luke Oleen-Junk for his Romance script "From the place we had moved".  An amazingly stylized and atmospheric script!

Haley Jacobsen brought home 2nd place with "Bulletin" a vivid characters, awesome set-up and a beautiful ending.

3rd place goes to "SS Romance" by Maddie Dooher, telling a fun nautically themed rom-com about finding your true love.

A very Special thanks to Laura LaBree for being the guest judge for this week!


Week 4 2nd place.jpg
Week 4 winner.jpg
Week 4 3rd place.jpg

Congratulations to Madeline Dooher for her amazingly funny script "First Impressions"!  Madeline's jokes were well written and landed, producing a fun (and funny) script!

Second place goes to Vanessa M. H. Powers for "Just Like Titanic" and Third place goes to Barbara Young for "Catholic Kid"

Our guest judge this week, Cynthia Schreiner Smith, did an amazing job and was a pleasure to work with.


Week 3 2nd place.jpg
Week 3 winner.jpg
Week 3 3rd place.jpg

After working her way up the winner's standings each week, I am honored to announce that Cynthia Schreiner Smith is this week's first place winner with "Summer School"!!

Second place goes to "She came back" by Wesley Johnson of Wes Effect Entertainment LLC.

Third place was secured with "Anthropomorphic" by Hyten Davidson

A very special thanks to this week's guest judge - Haley Jacobsen for taking the time to read, score and provide notes for all the scripts.


week2 second place.jpg
week 2 winner.jpg
Week 3 third place.jpg

Congratulations to Gabriel Gomez for his script "Sleep" - taking first place during week 2 of the Under_Score Productions script contest!! He wrote a amazing alien abduction film, show casing the fear of those being followed and selected to be taken.

A close second place goes to "Five Minutes" by Cynthia Schreiner Smith

and 3rd place to "JUSTITIA SEQUITU" by Hyten Davidson



Congratulations to Abbey Lowenstein and her script "Look back and laugh" - taking first place during week 1 of the Under_Score Productions script contest!! She wrote a very moving piece with excellent dialogue and great pacing.

A very close second place goes to "The Stray" by Penn Pauletich

and a honorable mention to "I'm Sorry" by Cynthia Schreiner Smith


1. Script length: up to 20 pages (25 pages for the final week) (title page does not count towards total)

2. Original scripts only

3. In a Film Script format

4. PDF file format

5. Submitted by 10pm (Eastern Time) on the due date
6. Submit scripts to: 

7. Can not win two weeks in a row (Except for the final week)

8. Winners announced via facebook, website, email, and twitter

2020/2021 WINNERS

Week 1: "A Line of Verse" by Vanessa M. H. Powers
Week 2: "Silence" by John Couture
Week 3: "Hidden Animal" by Anthony Tallarico
Week 4: "The Wedding Crush" by Laura LaBree
Week 5: "Into the Endless Morning" by Vanessa M. H. Powers
Week 6: "Siren Song" by Anissa Lubbers
Week 7: "Unnatural Beauty" by Vanessa M. H. Powers
Week 8: "Magawkawee" by Vanessa M. H. Powers
Week 9: "Reverie I.D." by Cynthia Uhrich
Week 10: "Last Glimpse" by John Couture
Week 11: "Wolfhound" by Paul Willis Jr.
Week 12: "Constellations" by Vanessa M. H. Powers
Week 13: "Love Diana" by Cynthia Uhrich
Week 14: "If I'll Ever" by Vanessa M. H. Powers
Week 15: "Angel of Death" by Cynthia Schreiner Smith
Week 16: "Silence of the Fog" by Hyten Davidson
Week 17: "Stealing a Soft Place" by Cynthia Uhrich
Week 18: "Vivisepulture" by Cynthia Schreiner Smith
Week 19: "Chicago to Rolling Fork" by Cynthia Uhrich
Week 20: "Space Gravy" by Bick Smith
Week 21: "Ivan's Reign" by Cynthia Uhrich
Week 22: "Lucky Strike 2: Lucky in love" by Laura Wacker-Hansen

All script rights are owned by the original author. Under_Score Productions makes no claim of ownership to any submitted scripts.

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